Casino Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

Withdrawing casino bonuses can be quite tricky if you don't know the wagering requirements slapped on them. Nearly every online casino places some hurdles in the way of players who wish to cash out their winnings after taking advantage of the welcome casino bonus. To learn more about casino bonuses, visit . You need to understand that online casinos have to make money but find a way of attracting you to play on their sites. So, the welcome bonus, which may or may not require an initial deposit, may simply be a marketing ploy to hook new players. However, other bonuses do exist for existing players, and you will do well-making use of them.


Deposit and Wagering Requirements

To know if you can withdraw casino bonus, you need to consider whether the bonus in question requires the first deposit or not. It is more difficult to withdraw casino bonuses with a no deposit requirement than those with a deposit requirement. No deposit means you are not expected to make an initial deposit before you can play for real money. However, this does not mean that you can walk away with some free money, having won without staking anything. Most online casinos put a limit on the amount of money you need to accumulate before you can cash out any winnings from a no deposit bonus. It is often rare to achieve this limit.

Consequently, you may have to augment the amount with additional funds from your betting account, effectively staking your money. Still, this is no guarantee that you can hit the minimum amount required for cashing out because casino games are naturally quite fortuitous, relying heavily on luck. And luck is not something you can count on when it comes to online casino gaming. Therefore, be careful when staking your real money so that it doesn't end in tears. Use only that money you can afford to lose. These bonuses are designed to lure you into the online casino so that you can begin playing, and obviously deposit your money in the process. They know you can't win all the time, so they count on your money.

When it comes to the wagering requirements, you must ensure you understand them. Online casinos often slap wagering requirements on their bonuses, especially the welcome bonuses. This means that you won't be able to cash out your winnings unless you fulfill certain conditions. For instance, an online casino may require that you roll over your bonus 30 times before you can cash out any winnings you have made. This means that you will have to play 30 rounds for you to qualify to withdraw any winnings resulting from that particular bonus. These wagering requirements have the purpose of ensuring you don't walk out of the casino with free money. Whichever the case, it is not possible to squeeze free money from an online casino operator.

  • Look at the wagering requirements attached to the casino bonus.
  • It is difficult to walk away with free money from an online casino.

No Wagering Requirements

No doubt you have come across online casinos offering no wagering welcome bonus to new players and wondered how it works. Well, even in such cases, don't hope for any free money here. Such casinos often set high limits for qualifying for withdrawals such that no matter how lucky you become, you may never attain the required minimum. In fact, you may have to top up the bet in order to achieve the desired figure. But there is no guarantee of winning so even if you top up the amount, you may still lose. When signing up with a particular online casino, be sure not to bank too much on those fancy bonuses - they may amount to naught but we wish you all the best.

So the answer to the question of whether you can withdraw the casino bonus is yes, that is if you can fulfill the wagering requirements. However, you need to keep in mind that online casinos design the bonuses in such a way that no play can easily benefit financially from them. These bonuses no doubt add to the thrill of the game, and even enhance your odds but can't really translate into real money unless you are very lucky. You may just have to concentrate on enjoying the games rather than considering the bonuses too much. Also, use the bonuses to enhance your odds and reduce on the amount of money you want to bet with.